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Téléchargez le livre :  The New Prehistory. Vol. 15: Similarities - Plato was right

The New Prehistory. Vol. 15: Similarities - Plato was right

Guy Alexandre Dhorbait
Format : ePub



Why “Similarities”? We are at the end of June 2019, after a “small” heat wave of one week (40 to 45 degrees) which puts all the Western Europe in all its states, which follows a first one in August 2003 – title of the time: 70 000 dead persons, including more than 19 000 in France, according to Inserm figures – my country, France, discovers the importance of water, compared to that of oil that operates all the industries of the planet, and why not nuclear power. Guided by the hand of Destiny, I discovered it in the inexhaustible reserves of Wikipedia. That's why I started this book with a chapter called “Puquios”. What is it? These are holes in one of the driest places in the world, Peru, which were dug thousands of years ago, we do not know exactly when, because difficult to date. They are located in the Nazca region, in order to circulate the water in the underground, avoiding a too intense evaporation. A thousand wonders are said about it, because some still work, see the chapter in question which is attributed to them.
But the most marvelous thing is that they were also built elsewhere, far from Peru, and it is frankly impossible for me not to see the same paternity, because other similarities have been noted in my previous works, disturbing to such an extent that this volume has found its own subtitle “similarities”. One could put next to the photos of Puquios that of a nuclear explosion, but my purpose is not to scare the World, just on the day when the television shows the Pakistan which has just planted 1 million trees… and proposes to go up to 10 million. (It turns out that the Thar desert in this country is very close to the border with India, read further!).
Our generations and our governments must know what they want! While waiting for a possible burst of humanity to save our planet, here are gathered all these similarities that contribute to demonstrate that in the past, this humanity, ours, could surpass itself and also commit suicide! To end up a few million years back, at the level of the primary animal (this dear Homo Sapiens), and for a long time.
And prove once again that Plato was right!